Two villages separated by 700m-high cliffs but sharing a love of free flying for over 40 years.:
- Saint-Hilaire, perched at an altitude of 1000m, on the commune of "Plateau des Petites Roche's, on the outer border of the Chartreuse mountain range.
- Lumbin, a flourishing village in the heart of the Grésivaudan valley, hosts the landing areas.


Since the 1st of January, the villages of St Hilaire du Touvet, St Pancrasse and St Bernard du Touvet have been regrouped into a single entity, renamed the Plateau des Petites Roches.
An average-sized mountain village of about 2500 habitants, St Hilaire is situated on a natural spur, that dominates the Gresivaudan valley.
At 2062m altitude, the Dent de Crolles watches over this charming village where la dolce vita reigns all year round.
Thanks to the Coupe Icare, it has become one of the most famous sites for paragliding and hang gliding in the world.
Particularly appreciated by pilots for the flying potential it offers, it is also an excellent holiday destination for families, due to the divers number of outdoor sports and leisure activities and its proximity to several big cities and ski resorts.



Lumbin, a village of about 2000 inhabitants situated in the heart of the Grésivaudan valley, hosts the landing areas for paragliders and hang gliders.
The valley stretches from Grenoble to the borders of the Savoie, a dynamic economic region, and is home to many companies, including international enterprises involved in a multitude of sectors.
For the last several years, the landing area has become a flourishing artisanal zone specializing in outdoor sports.

The Communauty of Communes of Grésivaudan ensures the management and maintenance of the site that has been certified FFVL.

The paradise of Free flight

The site of St Hilaire - Lumbin has several assets that have made this place into one of the most known sites for free flying in the world:
- Launch altitude: 1000 m
- Altitude of the landing zone: 250 m
- 4 take-off areas (hang gliding and paragliding) impeccably maintained
- A spacious landing zone, with no obstacles and easy to access
- The funicular railway of St Hilaire links the launch and landing areas
- An active association and a dynamic group of professionals who are highly committed to keeping the spirit of the site alive!

During the Coupe Icare, St Hilaire and Lumbin are transformed into a gigantic centre of activity animated by over 1200 volunteers essentially from the Plateau des Petites Roches, Lumbin and the valley, as well as further afield (the Region of Paris, the Southwest of France, etc.)