The Event

A breathtaking show!

The Coupe Icare is first and foremost a large theater open to the sky...

...and hundreds of pilots - from all disciplines - who will share their passion and their pleasure of flying with you!

On the program

6 days of festivities!

- Icarnaval : the famous flying costume contest - Saturday and Sunday

- Icare show: the fabulous air show - from Friday to Sunday

- Icares du Cinéma : the film festival dedicated to aerial sports, which will celebrate its 40th edition this year - from Tuesday to Sunday

- Icare Test: 2 days to test equipment, meet manufacturers and discover innovations - Tuesday and Wednesday

- Icare Expo: the unmissable show for free flight professionals - Thursday to Sunday

- Icare Mômes: activities dedicated to aerology for children - from Friday to Sunday

- Icare Folies: concerts and street arts for the pleasure of the eyes and ears - from Thursday to Sunday in Lumbin (landing) :

-Icare Ballons (hot air balloons) - from Friday to Sunday

-Icare Atterro (ULM, kites, kite flying, model aircraft, public fair...) - from Friday to Sunday

And as usual, there will be many surprises: slackline, Eagles of Lake Geneva...