By Martine Lange

Avec une énergie débordante, celle qui a organisé la Coupe Icare pendant près de 40 ans revient sur sa carrière et évoque ses souvenirs

Martine Lange has her feet on the ground, as she herself says.
It is necessary, to organize the biggest free flight festival in the world!

For 38 years, Martine has orchestrated with a master's hand animations, an international professional show, high-flying demonstrations, and a film festival from her small village of Saint Hilaire du Touvet.
Each year, 1200 volunteers welcome nearly 90 000 enthusiasts on the plateau of the small rocks to celebrate their passion.
St Hilaire, it's a bit of a pilgrimage for those who are crazy about sailing, for those who dare to take off and finally realize one of the greatest dreams of man: to fly.

Paragliding, the flagship of this discipline, is a sport in its own right, with its own rules, its own clubs, its own members, its own worldwide competitions... and the Coupe Icare.
Alongside Martine, discover what goes on behind the scenes of this famous festival and how a handful of men and women have made it - without really wanting to - an unmissable international event.

Many thanks to Célia Brugni