Online Ticketing / Cashless

…in St Hilaire


Online Ticketing

It will be possible (and highly recommended) to buy your tickets on the site before or during the event - this ticket, which will be electronic, will generate a QR CODE that you can download and present at the entrance via your phone or print it out - you will be given a bracelet in exchange.

This bracelet acts as an entrance fee and as a cashless payment solution: you credit your money to the bracelet, which allows you to pay throughout the event at the various points of sale - the advantages are numerous: no more queues at the cash desks, and this allows for greater security (no more losing your change or your icons!).

How does it work ?

Your " Cashless " bracelet is the only way to pay for your restaurant purchases during the Coupe Icare, in Lumbin and St Hilaire.

Traditional means of payment such as bank cards or cash are no longer used.

Your bracelet (card in Lumbin) is free and will serve as an electronic wallet to pay for your purchases.

It can be loaded before the festival by creating your cashless account (and it is highly recommended) or directly on site at the cashless banks located at the entrances (loading by cash or credit card).

To pay for your orders, you will just have to pass the chip of your bracelet on the payment terminal. At each transaction, the balance of your account is communicated to you.

Cashless is :

  • Faster and easier: less queuing at the bars, food and merchandising stands of the festival.
  • Safer: no more cash, your bracelet is your electronic wallet. Your money is safe around your wrist throughout the festival.
  • It's free! You pay nothing to create your cashless account.
  • Simplifies life: you will be refunded your balance after the event if you have created your account
  • note: your data are secured as on any online sales site and single use of this cashless solution

Your "Cashless" bracelet is an electronic wallet. It is not linked to your bank account. You will not be debited beyond the amount you have credited.


Before the cup

Save precious time by creating your account online!

I already have my ticket, regardless of the point of sale where it was purchased, I create my account by entering the barcode number.

  • I create my account and fill in my personal information
  • I choose the amount to be credited and I pay by credit card
  • I just have to get my cashless bracelet at the entrance by presenting my ticket

The advantages of creating your cashless account online

  • Check your balance and reecharge in advance
  • Register your credit card for a faster reload
  • Save precious time during your festivalby reGet your pre-loaded wristband directly at the entrance (no need to wait in line)
  • Block your bracelet and get a new one in case of loss or theft (take a picture or write down the code!)
  • In two clicks, ask for a refund of your remaining credits at the end of the festival


During the Coupe Icare

The activation of your cashless account is free !

  • If I have pre-loaded my account : my cashless bracelet will be given to me and credited at the entrance of the festival thanks to my barcode number (on the back of the chip)
  • If I have not pre-loaded: once on the site, I can load my wristband at the cashless banks, by paying in cash or by credit card AND ALSO by connecting to my account online, or by scanning the QR Codes on the whole event place
  • Be careful: if your wristband is lost or you don't write down your code, we will not be able to transfer your remaining balance to a new wristband

How to use it ?

On all the stands of the festival (cup deposit, catering, bars, merchandising), I pay only with my cashless bracelet. I present it to the volunteer and in a few seconds, my order is paid.

  • I can check my available credit before ordering.

If I run out of credit?

I can recharge my bracelet at any time in the cashless banks located inside the site and at the entrance of the site at the Info Point or on the website from a smartphone.

If I go back home between two days at the festival, I can recharge my account from any computer or tablet on the website.

How does it work?

My cashless bracelet communicates with the payment terminal thanks to an NFC chip.


After the festival / Refund

If I haven't used up all my credit during the festival, I can request a refund from my online account.

Refund requests for cashless accounts are open from Monday, September 26 to November 15th, 2022.

Refunds will be issued within a few days of your request.

No refund requests will be possible after November 15, 2022. It will be considered as a donation to the Coupe Icare association (and tax deductible!)

How do I get my money back ?

I fill in the unique number of my cashless bracelet and my credit card information and I ask for a refund: the amount will be credited back to my credit card.

If I have filled in my information at the time of loading I can request an automatic loading.

The remaining credit balance on your wristband will be returned to you at the end of the event, free of charge, via the Internet.
During the event, there will be cashiers and reception points - you can also re-credit your cashless wristband via a QR code and an online solution.