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Coupe icare 2014

The 42nd COUPE ICARE will welcome you happily in St Hilaire du Touvet - Lumbin from September 17-20, 2015.

The world’s greatest free flight encounter, packed with emotion, audacity, creativity, fantasy, thrills and laughter, colour and dreams and an unflinching passion for flying… announces its programme for this Fall:


ICARE EXPO : the air sports trade fair
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
A Trade Fair uniting over 200 worldwide manufacturers and other enterprises specialized in ultra light air sports des sports: paragliding, paramotor, hang gliding, ULM, sky diving….
Over 5000 m² of trade fair grounds are covered

Second hand paragliding stand

10,000m² outdoor area reserved for second hand equipment: hang gliders, ULM, paramotors…


Les ICARES du CINEMA : 33th International Free Flight Film Festival
Starting Thursday at the south launch.
Air sports on the big screen !
Documentaries, clips, fiction, adventure and exploration films .... long and short features .... pertaining to the themes of  air,  flight, wind and all aerial sports.

In 2015 : "Carte Blanche" to Kendal Mountain Festival


ICARE SHOW : aerial demos with top specialists
Saturday and Sunday

Aerobatic shows by hang glider and paraglider pilots
Acrobatic sailplane
Parachuting and wingsuit
ULM and gyro demos
Pulma and paramotors
Kites and boomerang
Air Force acrobatic team demo
Evolution of collectable aircraft
Paraglider manufacturers demos

and also ...
Inflation race for duelling paragliders, glide ratio contest, Flight 1807, etc....

Thursday and Friday free days for pilots

ICARNAVAL : the famous Masquerade Flights
Saturday and Sunday

A contest of costumed hang glider and paraglider pilots: exciting, hilarious, original, fantastically creative and daring…


ICARE MODEL : for discovery remote controlled aircraft
Friday, saturday and sunday in Lumbin

Icare Model Show : demonstrations of remote controlled aircraft by the top French pilots
Icare Model Expo : salon for Remote Controlled Aircraft enthusiasts
Icare Model cinéma : 1st film festival  model aircraft for non professional
Icare Model Circus : aerial mascarade for remote controlled aircraft pilots
Initiation flights


Saturday and Sundi in Lumbin and in St Hilaire

Worldclass paramoteur competition

Saturday and Sundat

International meet of dozens of hot air balloons
“Dynabubbles”, dirigibles, hot air balloons take shape …
On Lumbin landing, earlin in the morning and the evening

ICARE MOMES : a special area for youngsters
Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Paper plane contest, workshops for Brazilian balloon fabrication, workshops for kite making sailplanes, wind farms, discovery programmes on renewable energies,  kite making and piloting workshops, model aircraft workshop falconry demonstrations...

 In St Hilaire (on the South launch)  : with the partnership of the Conseil Général of Isere and in collaboration with the children of the primary school of St Hilaire
In Lumbin : in collaboration with the Grésivaudan

From Thursday
Paper hot air balloons by Brazilian artist Tura : workshops and launch
Music, street shows and animation .........


Friday, Saturday and Sunday
ULM area and demo flights
Kites: exhibition and demonstration area
Model aircraft: demonstrations, exhibitions and trade fair
Expo of outdoor sports and leisure
Initiation flights by ultralight (ULM) and helicopter,
etc .... 


Continuous shuttles for the general public on Saturday and Sunday from Grenoble to Lumbin (landing area) and St Hilaire du Touvet (takeoff area) and also between the parking lots and the heart of the event.
Continuous shuttles for pilots between the landing area of Lumbin and the takeoff area of St Hilairestarting Thursday,
Free parking lots in St Hilaire and Lumbin
Marked bicycle paths
Car pools
Goblets on deposit
at any food stand
Selected trash bins
Shopping bags
made especially for the event
The Coupe Icare reconfirms its devotion to this event much thanks to the support of the Région Rhône Alpes, the Conseil Général de l’Isère, and of the Communauté de Communes du Grésivaudan.


The next Coupe Icare will take place in St Hilaire du Touvet - Lumbin from 17 to 20 September 2015.


Aux cotés de l’association Coupe Icare.org, c’est une trentaine d’associations partenaires, soit près de 1000 bénévoles qui participe à l’élaboration de cet évènement ! Mille mercis à eux pour leur disponibilité, leur énergie, leur sourire et leur engagement à nos cotés !

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