ICARNAVAL, the flying masquerade contest

What's there in common between a slipper, a frogman, a trash can, a flowerpot, a dragon ? Soar through the air, tied to a delta wing in front of an audience who can't believe their eyes ! In 1983, the public discovered the first flying disguises. Today, Icarnaval, is a real highlight of the event, a competition of disguises more incredible and fantastic than each other !

The Coupe Icare Masquerade Contest is open to all hang glider and paraglider pilots.
Costumed flights are scheduled Saturday 18th september at 11:00am (or Sunday in case of poor weather).
Repeat-round of masquerade flights and prize giving will take place Sunday 19th september at 11:00am.

Registration opens on June 2021.

(The prizes will be awarded at the time of the award ceremony, they cannot be sent or kept beyond the event).