Entry Prices 2021


There are different options for attending part or all of the event program.

This Year, before responding the present obligations,
- one must reserve an E-TICKET online
- and present a SANITARY PASS at the entrance of the event.


A "projection evening package" (for 1 or 2 screenings the same evening) : 8€
Screening Tuesday to Friday at 07:30pm and 09:30pm

The “Gala evening” : 8€.
Saturday at 06:30pm : announcement of the winners, award ceremony and screening of award-winning films.
Second  screening of winning films at 10:00pm : 8€

Full Bracelet  including a 2 or 3 day entry pass as well as access to the Icares du Cinéma including the Gala Evening: 30€
All the screening of the Icares du Cinéma (from Tuesday to Friday + Gala Evening + 2/3 days Coupe Icare

The “1 day” and “2/3 days” bracelets allow access, on the St Hilaire site, to the Icare Expo, to screenings of films outside the official Icares du Cinéma selection,  the cafeteria space, the musical entertainment and events, the south take-off area as well as the pilots’ shuttles buses between Lumbin and St Hilaire.

• Bracelet "1 day": 6 €
• Bracelet "2/3 days": 10 €
• Bracelet "2/3 days + Icares du Cinéma": 30€

*Free entry Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday but the E-Billet is necessary
* Free entry for children under 12.
* Free Icare Expo on Thursdays.

All 2021 bracelets give the right, during the event, to a special price on the book “The fabulous history of the Coupe Icare” (25 € instead of 29.50 €).