News 2021

The Coupe Icare adapts !

The event will be held in St Hilaire
Only hot air balloons in Lumbin

Icare Test : 1st edition

Icare Test : 1st edition

Tuesday September 14 and Wednesday September 15, 2021, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. in St Hilaire on the south take off.

These two days will offer pilots, after registration and deposit, the opportunity to try gliders, harnesses, and free flight instruments, by borrowing them directly from the manufacturers and importers present on the south takeoff as part of the Icare test. "

In partnership with the French magazine Parapente Mag.

News Icares du Cinéma and Animations

New in The Icares du cinéma :
A larger marquee, which can hold 800 people
For the 1st time ever: 5 movie nights
Fun before each showing.

News in Icares Folies :
50% more events (brass bands, shows, activities on the move….) throughout the event

Other show :
Les Aigles du Léman show off their birds of prey
Paper airplane competition : Friday and Saturday from 01:00pm to 03:00pm
New activities planned: slackline, trampoline,...

In Icare Expo

A hanggliding area to learn more about the sport: Try out different harnesses, conferences

« Wingmaster debrief » on Youtube, dedicated to paragliding (stand H16), presented by the journalist Sébastien Turay, and Jérôme Canaud, paragliding expert Wingmaster.

Blériot’s original plan on display.


Instructors Challenge

Instructors Challenge

Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th September. Organized by the instructors of Air Alpin school in St Hilaire, in coordination with the National Association of Free Flight Instructors (SNMP).

The friendly competition will run over 2 days and will have three events :

- Spot landing with a sporting extra for climbing back on foot
- Open distance, out and back from St Hilaire, within a set time limit
- Best glide ratio

For more info, please consult the website of the SNMP :


Free shuttle buses for pilots from Tuesday onwards

On-line Tickets sales.  Book your places ahead of time as no tickets on sale at the site!

No more icares, we’re now going ‘cashless’ (electronic bracelets)!

New style cafeteria: tables inside, foodtrucks outside.

The path to the south launch will be a car free zone.

To get to the Dioux carpark, you will need to go via the chemin des Vials (in previous years this was the exit).


And many more surprises…!