Safety means respecting the right of way rules. It concerns each and every one of us. At any time the Flight Director has the authority to stop all flying.


Before every flight, please read the pilot information boards "infos pilotes", and place a sticker on your helmet "infos pilotes: OK !".

As stipulated in the French bye-law of April 4, 1996, all training and educational activities are forbidden on after 10 o’clock.

Take-off from any other area than official launch areas (D1-D5 and P1) is strictly forbidden.

Before 9 am and after 6 pm all pilots must maintain 100m safety distance from the hot air balloons.

Flying over the launch sites and local houses is strictly forbidden.

Top landing on the St Hilaire plateau is strictly forbidden for both paragliders and hang gliders.

Hangglider and Paraglider pilots must NOT encroach on the airspace allocated to paramotors. 

Paramotor pilots must only use their specific landing field (P1)

All radio frequencies between 144 and 146 MHz are illegal. The French Free Flying Federation’s (FFVL’s) official frequency of 143,9875 MHz remains a Safety channel and should only be used by pilots in difficulty.

Pilots will be notified of a helicopter on an emergency or safety calls by alarm sirens and banners marked X will be placed on the ground.  All pilots must clear the area and leave the airspace free.