Refund of your cashless balance

You can request a refund of your cashless balance from Monday 20 September at 6pm.

Requests can be made until 11 October. If you make the request your balance will be refunded to your credit card on October 15th.
The organisation has decided to give participants 3 weeks to request a refund. The system synchronises all refunds at once (15 October)

Unclaimed balances will be transferred in full to the Coupe Icare to support the organization of future editions.


To access the Coupe Icare, you need to have an e-ticket in your possession. Go to:  [billetterie]
When you come to the site (after your sanitary pass will be checked) you must have your ticket printed on paper or on your smartphone, just like if you were going to a concert.
This ticket will be exchanged for a “bracelet coupe icare” with an electronic chip onto which you can load money to spend at the event. This will also avoid the need to queue at the cash-desk! This is the ”cashless system“!
Children under 12 do not need a bracelet.
You can also buy your e-ticket at the site of the event.

THE CASHLESS : load money onto your bracelet there are three ways

- When I book my e-ticket, can load money onto your bracelet, the same one that will allow access to the event              
- In St Hilaire you can go to one of the two ‘cashless’ kiosks at the site (One will be on the South Launch and the other in the Cafeteria.) to load money.  Cheques, credit cards and cash are accepted at these kiosks.
- In St Hilaire you can flash a QR code, which will be on display around the site, et I load money via my identification number with my smartphone
- The cashless system will not be accepted for purchases inside Icare Expo.
- The first time you use your bracelet a 1€ activation fee will be debited.
- Any unspent cash on your bracelet can be refunded in the three weeks following the event.
- If you still have « Icares » from last year, you can transfer them into credits on your bracelet

Cashless management area


To access the Coupe Icare site you will need to present your sanitary pass, even if you are an exhibitor, a volunteer, a pilot or a visitor.
For information the sanitary pass requires either a vaccination or a negative test less than 72 hours old or a certificate proving recovery from Covid within the last 6 months.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, everything takes place on the South Launch: Icare Test, the Icares du Cinema, Icares Folies, and the Food outlets
From Thursday to Sunday, the zone grows and encompasses: place de la fontenette, ICARE EXPO, and the South Launch
The North and East launches are outside the Coupe Icare zone.

You will be able to take a Covid Test in Saint Hilaire from Thursday to Saturday.  The Red Cross will be present in the Parc Pré Lacour – for a fee of 10€ (This will be refunded to Coupe Icare volunteers)

Facemasks are required in all closed spaces (Icare Expo and the Icares du Cinéma), and anywhere were social distancing is unfeasible.