Projection Special Chartreuse

A special screening followed by a discussion on the theme of the Chartreuse Regional Natural Park - Cinema Marquee - South take-off

Friday 23rd September at 5pm

Friday 23rd September at 5pm

"Réserve Naturelle des Hauts de Chartreuse, la nature en partage"

Réalisation Clara Lacombe and Thibaut Lacombe
Length: 30mn

A secret, deep and wild Chartreuse, both a natural enclave and an immemorial resource for mankind... Over the centuries, agricultural and recreational practices have multiplied and diversified, sometimes to the point of conflict.

How can hikers and hunters live together? Between wild animals, sometimes reintroduced, and farm animals?

Rarely has the search for a fragile balance between antagonistic uses of space been expressed so accurately as in this film.

The well-chosen testimonies of agents and users bring a philosophical dimension to the management of nature reserves. In particular, the Hauts de Chartreuse Nature Reserve, whose remarkable heritage is so well captured by the camera.

The Hauts de Chartreuse Nature Reserve and the filmmakers wanted to show the fine and delicate balance sought in this everyday management between individual and collective interests. An example of living together in a spectacular but fragile environment...

The aim of this film is to raise awareness among all users of the need to share the use of this site, which is close to the major urban areas of Grenoble, Chambéry and Lyon. It is also an opportunity to show the day-to-day work of a manager of a large, multi-use and heavily frequented natural area.



"Les Hauts de Chartreuse"

A film from Loïs Millieret
Length – 7 mn

Immersion in the heart of the Haut de Chartreuse nature reserve at the arrival of spring.