Registration ULM Pilots

Contact information




Information concerning the aircraft coming into flight (Any change of your aircraft will cancel your registration)
Radio is mandatory


If it's known
Notify name, surname and mibil phone
Please, check instructions and authorized flight times
Please, check instructions and authorized flight times


- I certify the information above ;

- I certify that I have read all the information, all flight instructions related to the Lumbin ULM Base and all instructions related to the restricted areas ;

- As a pilot-in-command, I take the full responsibility for my actions, I alone assume the risks of flying my aircraft for landing and taking-off from/to the Lumbin ULM base. I release the organization of any responsibility in the event of an accident and I undertake to make no appeal to the organization;

-The parcked ULM are not under the responsibility of a the Field Manager during my absence (I think especially theft, wind and vandalism)