Pilots Infos

Here is some information about flying conditions for the 50th Coupe Icare

Of course, during the entire event, you'll need to respect the rules of the air, wear a helmet, have a reserve for tandem pilots and two for aerobatics pilots, and be covered by aviation liability insurance: this is a legal obligation for damage caused to third parties. Carrying a radio set to frequency 143.9875 is highly recommended, as it will be very useful in the event of an emergency for you or another pilot. Personal accident insurance is also recommended. There'll be plenty of people in the air if conditions are right. So much the better! But be aware of others, of the rules of priority and of the various instructions that will ensure that this unique gathering goes off without a hitch. Briefings will be given on all the decos: thank you for your attention, and please never fly over the public, marquees or villages at low altitude.
To ensure a successful festival, please take safety precautions.

Safety instructions



It will be possible to register on site for Icare test (with your insurance certificate).

It will be possible to register up to Thursday evening for Icarnaval and with the persons in charge of the activities listed below for Saturday and Sunday, but you will then have to fill in a blank CERFA form and provide proof of insurance.

Icarnaval: due to the success of the registrations, we are obliged to close them - Thank you for your understanding, see you next year with your great disguise!

Icare Test
Registration closed

Registration closed

Vol à la dent
Registration closed

Registration closed

Registration closed

Registration closed

Tuesday, September 19 and Wednesday, September 20

ICARE TEST: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
It will be possible to borrow sails and harnesses from the manufacturers who will have a stand on the South Deco/D3. You'll need to register in advance from mid-June onwards, so that we can regulate shuttles and loans as effectively as possible.


The preferred take-off point for these two days will therefore be the south take-off point, i.e. D3, unless the aerology leads the organization to prefer the others. Landing at Lumbin (A1) with the organization present. Emergency services will be on pre-alert. A member of the Direction des Vols will be present on site to ensure the proper use of the sites and any changes in weather conditions.

Landing at Lumbin (A1) with the organization present. Rescue services will be on pre-alert.

>Take-offs, excluding Icare test, will be open until 7 p.m.<

Note for hang gliders: the south takeoff is the only takeoff open at all times, as it is also open to paragliders. Only two shuttles will be authorized for access: see with Manu Félix Faure.

Thursday, September 21st

Leisure flights start at 09:00, last take-off at 15:30 and last landing at 16:00.

Depending on weather conditions, two paragliding launch sites will be open:
- D1 (North Deco) or D2 (East Deco)
- D3 (South Deco)

The South Deco as well as the main landing areas A1 and A2 for hang gliders will be open and supervised by the organization's site managers, who will give safety instructions (no flying over tents, villages, accident procedures, etc.) from 09:00 to 16:00, and reserved for leisure flights.

Friday, September 22

> Leisure flights from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm for the last take-off and 4:00 pm for the last landing.
> Rehearsal flights from 4.30pm.

The flight sites remain accessible and free to access under the following conditions from 18:30 onwards

07:30 - 09:00 - Hot-air balloons A2: keep safe distances.

A1-A2-D1-D2-D3: organization present with 1 or 2 field managers. A safety referent on call to define which take-off sites are open.
If D1 is open, D2 is closed and vice versa. Weather forecasts displayed. Pilots briefed and badged (helmet sticker). D3 may also be closed, in which case D1 or D2 will be preferred.

09:00 - 11:30: Paramotoring at Lumbin in PA

All "leisure" take-offs are closed from 15:30 and the airspace will be regulated by the ZRT at 16:30 to allow the planned rehearsal flights. Last landing at 4 p.m.

ZRTactivatedat 4.30 p.m. until 6.30 p.m.

Then until 8 p.m. - Hot-air balloons

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September

Aerial show

The airspace will be reserved for program presentations only.

For demonstration pilots, it is imperative to register before September 18 to allow the activity manager to select the pilots.

The precise program is still being finalized, but there's sure to be a great show!

The carnival, of course, but also balloons, microlights (presentation and baptisms), planes, wingsuiters, aerobatics: plane, glider and paraglider, group flights.

And hang gliders will be particularly present for this 50th edition, as they created the Coupe Icare!


Thermal maps of animal nesting areas

Fellow pilots, you are flying in the Chartreuse, a protected area rich in flora and fauna. Please take note of the rules for flying over the Chartreuse (French), the sites, and the recommendations on the relationship between man and bird! Thank you and happy flying...