Recommendations of the Flight Director


Dear pilot friends,

First of all, I want to thank you on behalf of the entire organizing team for being here with us for this somewhat special event this year.

As you know, we had to regretfully cancel the Coupe Icare 2020 and remove all public entertainment and demonstrations.

However, we wanted to maintain the organization of days reserved for pilots and professionals of free flight and air sports and we are putting in place for four days an infrastructure and organization which, we hope, will allow you to fly with pleasure.

Although the flights are free, I would like to remind you that it is imperative to respect the safety instructions communicated during the briefing by the teams in the field (and indicated on the information panels).

Be aware that the aerology of the site is not always suitable for inexperienced pilots, that there are many people in the air with very different levels of practice, that a particular vigilance must therefore be brought while evolving in this congested airspace and that any aerobatic maneuver is to be prohibited in this context.

I am sure that you will all be able to fly responsibly, adapting your practice to the environment and the aerological conditions of the day.  This being able to please yourself without putting your safety or that of others at risk.

Thank you for ensuring that these four days are not tarnished by an accident and that this event remains in our minds as the one that enabled the greatest number of you to make beautiful flights.

Eric Grandjean
Director General of Flights.