ICARNAVAL, the flying masquerade contest

What's there in common between a slipper, a frogman, a trash can, a flowerpot, a dragon ? Soar through the air, tied to a delta wing in front of an audience who can't believe their eyes ! In 1983, the public discovered the first flying disguises. Today, Icarnaval, is a real highlight of the event, a competition of disguises more incredible and fantastic than each other !

A carnival in the sky full of surprises: The pilots in their disguises will delight us with their creativity, beauty  and skill.  A unique airshow in an extravagant imaginary world that is loved by the public.

Watch live from the North Launch or in the landing zone.

Saturday and Sunday from 11 am onwards.


NEWS 2022

The sky belongs to the creative and ingenious

The costume contest is open to all paraglider and hang glider pilots.

A unique and memorable experience to live with your family or friends!

It's time to give free rein to your creativity and wildest ideas!

So, don't hesitate: unleash your talents of imagination, creation, humor, ingenuity and prepare your disguise, to come and fly it at Icarnaval in front of an amazed public!


Registration will close on Thursday, September 22 at 7pm.


A Printed Wings & Porsher Sport sail - flocked Coupe Icare - Unique model !

1 Harness offered by Air et Aventure : AirTrek de Nervure : https://www.airetaventure.com/513734-45030-airtrek-2-nervures.html#/238445-tailles-s
1 SLIP harness from Air Design : https://ad-gliders.com/project/le-slip/?lang=fr
4 week end (3 days / 2 nights) in California BlackSheep
4 Varios Syride
1 experience box at 159 € + local products box (value 100€) offered by Chartreuse tourisme
Several prizes from the Salewa catalog: First aid kit, backpacks, mugs, ground sheets, tents, hiking poles, water bags, towels, hats, caps, jackets.
5 Cross Country memberships
50 air hoses offered by the FFVL
40 books from Editions du Chemin des crêtes
5 BD Krat'air club of JC Serme
Several prizes from Crédit Agricole

A special prize will be awarded by the community of communes of Grésivaudan in the category Sport & Olympic Games

In short, more than 30,000 euros of prizes for the crazy flyers who will surprise us