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The organization wishes to make the participation of the flyers even more pleasant and joyful, and to facilitate warm and festive contacts, among themselves and with the public, and to encourage mutual help!

What's new in 2022!
- A marquee at your disposal behind the north take-off from Thursday to Sunday: to build, refine and fix your costumes! But also, to wait in the shade of the sun and in a relaxed and good mood thanks to the distribution of tickets to know the order of passage every hour -
Briefing in the morning under the tent for all the pilots including groups -
6 pilots per group maximum

A TENT will be installed and accessible from Thursday behind the North take-off area, at the Lacour meadow, from Thursday morning.
The objective is to allow pilots to come and deposit their equipment under safe guard and thus be free of all worries and be able to enjoy all the pleasures of the Coupe Icare.
They will find on site facilities (electricity) and some tools for the assembly and finishing of their crew. Pilots coming from afar can travel with their disguises in parts, without taking risks on the road with bulky machines, and find on site the comfort and space for their assembly and shaping. Thus, the flying objects a little bulky should not be reserved any more to the privileged ones having important logistic means.

The pilots will be able to exchange and help each other, and during the day, the public will be able to attend the implementation and the preparations of the disguises, and thus to prolong the weekend party by anticipating it. All the pilots are invited to come and display their costumes as soon as they arrive in Saint Hilaire and meet the public.

A PORTER will be at their disposal to test the balance of their crew.

This tent will be closed and guarded at night to protect the stored materials.

We hope that this workshop will be a place of meetings and exchanges!

The reception of the pilots, the registrations, the delivery of the number, the briefings will take place under this tent.


A Printed Wings & Porsher Sport sail - flocked Coupe Icare - Unique model !

1 Selette offered by Air et Aventure : AirTrek de Nervure : https://www.airetaventure.com/513734-45030-airtrek-2-nervures.html#/238445-tailles-s
1 SLIP harness from Air Design : https://ad-gliders.com/project/le-slip/?lang=fr
4 week end (3 days / 2 nights) in California BlackSheep
4 Varios Syride
1 experience box at 159 € + local products box (value 100€) offered by Chartreuse tourisme
Several prizes from the Salewa catalog: First aid kit, backpacks, mugs, ground sheets, tents, hiking poles, water bags, towels, hats, caps, jackets.
5 Cross Country memberships
50 air hoses offered by the FFVL
40 books from Editions du Chemin des crêtes
5 BD Krat'air club of JC Serme
Several prizes from Crédit Agricole

A special prize will be awarded by the community of communes of Grésivaudan in the category Sport & Olympic Games

In short, more than 30,000 euros of prizes for the crazy flyers who will surprise us


A must read!

Art.1 : ICARNAVAL, organized by the Coupe Icare.org association, is open to pilots of autonomous and experienced ultralight gliders who hold a document attesting to their civil aviation liability insurance (CAR), and who respect the Rules of the Air and the specific instructions of the Coupe's flight director.
Gifts and awards will be given to the participants by a jury formed by the organizers.

Art.2: ICARNAVAL takes place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September, starting at 11am.
A mandatory briefing for each pilot (including in groups) takes place at 10:30 each morning under the Icarnaval tent to receive instructions from the Director of Icarnaval and safety information on the airspace and weather.
The jury deliberates at the end of the Saturday session and announces the winners and the prizes when the winning pilots present themselves for take-off on Sunday. Their prizes are given to them at the landing on Sunday.
Depending on the weather, this program can be modified and the new arrangements are presented during the morning briefing.

Art.3:REGISTRATION : Registration is free and mandatory on the website www.coupe.icare.org.
It will only be effective if the form is fully completed and accompanied by a computerized copy (*.pdf or *.jpg) of a certificate of coverage in Civil Aerial Liability, as well as, if necessary, the ad hoc qualification of tandem pilots. FFVL licensees can download this document from the intranet: https:

The pilots will then be able to go to the Icarnaval tent from Thursday 22nd in the morning until Friday evening to receive their entry bracelet.
Registrations are closed on Thursday at 19H.

All registrations will be considered valid ONLY after receiving the number which will take place after attending the pilot briefing on Saturday at 10:30 a.m.
No pilot will be allowed to take off without his number which attests to his complete registration and participation in the briefing

The website info@coupe-icare.org is at the service of the pilots for any question concerning their participation.

Art.4 : PARTICIPANTS : all the craziness is welcome at the ICARE CUP !
The jury will assess the following criteria in particular:
- SAFETY: reliability, solidity, quality of the technical execution, balance and aerodynamic aptitudes, manoeuvrability, lightness are absolute prerequisites. These criteria will be given priority in the jury's assessment
The spirit of the "piece of string" and humor are the very essence of the Coupe Icare, but in no case at the expense of safety.
- ARTISTIC : humor and aesthetics, elegance and originality are the key words.
- SPORTS AND TECHNICAL : originality and innovation in the realization, technical mastery and ease of the pilot, mastered audacity in the sporting execution and piloting are appreciated and rewarded.
An elegant (musical, choreographed) and humorous staging, short and non-invasive is valued.
Any assistant entering the take-off must be dressed up and participate in the show.
Messages and characters of a polemical nature or with a political, religious or protest connotation are not welcome and may be rejected.

Art.5 : SECURITY : The directors of the flights and Icarnaval on the take-off have all the authority to interrupt and suspend the take-offs for any question of safety appearing on the site. This can be done for general reasons (weather, rescue operations, external events and unforeseen circumstances) or for specific reasons (dangerous or inappropriate behavior, obvious lack of control, equipment that is unsafe or unmaneuverable). The flight directors and Icarnaval can refuse to take off with full authority to a worrying crew, but the decision to take off is the sole and ultimate responsibility of the pilot.
Failure to comply with the Rules of the Air, the reserved air volumes indicated to the pilots during the briefing, endangering (flying over) the public or other pilots will result in the immediate exclusion of the offending crews at the sole discretion of the Flight Director or Icarnaval with instant effect.
The wearing of a helmet (integrated in the costume), the carrying of a reserve parachute and a qualification for two-seater pilots are mandatory.
Crews of more than 2 people under one wing are not accepted.
Disabled pilots are welcome, but disabled people in wheelchairs are not accepted as passengers in tandem crews unless they have previously validated their project with the Flight Director (Flight Director and Icarnaval Director).
The elevator extensions may not exceed 3m.

Art.6 : GROUPS : the costumes can be gathered in thematic groups but not exceeding 6 sails. The same club can present several groups on different themes, but they will then be invited to present themselves at the take-off at different times.

Art.7 : STAGING : Participants are encouraged to stage their take-off. To this end, they must announce it at the time of their registration. When they register, they will give the organization their presentation text read by the organizer and/or an audio support (USB key) with their number clearly visible and without any other content than the musical accompaniment of their performance.
All assistants entering the launch site with the pilots must be dressed in the crew's theme. No non-disguised persons other than official helpers wearing an organization vest will be allowed on the carpet.
A troupe of entertainers/dancers may accompany the take-off, in coordination with the flight director and in compliance with the following conditions:
- choreographies and stagings may in no case have the effect of preventing, hindering or delaying take-offs if the conditions are favorable
They must be performed at the time of take-off -
they must be placed on the sides, or behind their crew, respecting the take-off lanes
They will come to the front of the takeoff only at the invitation of the Icarnaval director in case of tailwind and suspension of takeoffs. These groups will have to prove their flexibility by managing the duration of their performance by adapting it strictly to the safety imperatives linked to the aerology and never have the effect of hastening or delaying a takeoff outside the good slots. They will be welcome during the dead time (tailwind) to entertain the public, the beautiful choreographies and animations will be rewarded.
- The pilots and passengers enter on the carpet in their harness and braces, they devote themselves only to the safety and the preparation of their takeoff, they do not indulge in any exhibition which can have the effect of delaying or preventing the takeoffs during the favorable slots.

Art.8 : TAKE-OFFS : Pilots are invited to deposit and store their wings during the duration of the Cup in the tent reserved for them near the take-off area, where they will attend the briefing at 10:30 a.m. before going down to the meadow adjacent to the take-off area.
They will be asked not to form a traffic jam at the entrance to the carpet, but to report to a coordinator who will assign them a call ticket.
40 tickets will be allocated every hour, but the number of crews present on the carpet will be limited for safety reasons and for the quality of the show. Bulky objects will not be allowed to stay on the take-off for a long time. When his ticket is called, a pilot will be allowed to enter the carpet, by giving his ticket back to the coordinator, or to give up and miss his turn, by giving back his ticket which will then be reallocated. A pilot admitted on the carpet must not park there unduly and must take off as soon as the aerological conditions are favorable and with the authorization of the Icarnaval Director.
The coordinator will offer the tickets to the pilots who wish to enter the take-off area. The crews will wait in the meadow for their ticket to be called without forming a queue at the entrance to the carpet. They will be ready as soon as their ticket is handed in and will present themselves in their harness with their assistants in the access aisle when their ticket is called.
On the take-off area, the crews will be guided to their set-up by the official helpers. The take-offs will be directed by the Icarnaval director, without taking into account the numbers or the orders of entry, according to the imperatives of safety, harmonization and aerology.
Each crew has received an identification number (bib) at registration, which must be clearly visible. It will be announced to the official helpers who will transmit it to the director who will have the corresponding form and will then be able to read his text or ask to launch the staging or the sound system.

DELTAS: the deltists open the party. They are authorized to open their sail, flat on the carpet from 9:30 am.

Art.9 :BPRIZES AND REWARDS : a sovereign jury is constituted by CI.org, including children and volunteers of the organization.
Numerous prizes and awards will be attributed by the jury according to the criteria mentioned in article 4. The jury has the final say on the prizes it awards according to the quality of the day's performances. It generally awards special prizes:
- individual single-seat crew, individual two-seat crew.
But it can propose special awards (Grand Prix, Public Prize, Sports Achievement Prize, Humor Prize, Aesthetics Prize, Poetry Prize, etc.) for all performances deemed exceptional

Prizes and awards are given by the jury based on the Saturday's performance and are announced on Sunday when the pilots present themselves at take-off. Prizes and gifts are given to them upon landing after their Sunday flight. Pilots who do not participate in the second day ipso facto renounce any distinction and their prize will be reallocated.
In the event of bad weather, appropriate measures will be taken by the organization and the appropriate measures will be presented to the pilots during the morning briefing.

Art.10 : RADIO. It is recommended that pilots have a VHF radio locked to the FFVL safety frequency during their flight, but used exclusively for emergency calls.
During the Coupe Icare, it is imperative that the frequency band between 144 and 146Mhz be made available.

Art.11: RESPONSIBILITY : In the spirit of Free Flight, each pilot is fully autonomous and entirely responsible for his decisions, his equipment, his skills and the control of his equipment. He is in good standing for himself and his crew and has all appropriate qualifications and skills. He or she has valid ground and air liability insurance and personal accident insurance for the practice of aerial activities. He/she respects without restriction the Rules of the Air and the specific flight directives published by the Coupe Icare flight directorate, notably with regard to the respect of schedules and flight volumes. All pilots agree to read the regulations and information documents and to attend the briefings. They agree to respect the instructions of the Direction des Vols, and any infraction will result in the immediate exclusion of the crew without recourse.
But in no case can pilots be incited to perform any act of piloting against their will, and are entirely free to withdraw at any time.
Pilots release Icare.Org from all responsibility and all recourse.

Art.12: IMPERATIVE OBLIGATION : Humor and good humor, a passion for free flight, and above all, the constant concern and demand for safety must always be at the heart of all participants in the COUPE ICARE !

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Règlement Icarnaval