Aerial sports perform on the big screen! Travel log, portrait of an exceptional man or woman, adventure, preformance, animated film or scenario… Each has a story to tell and expresses a true passion for flying.

The Icares of Cinema received a lot of films but not all will be projected during the Festival !

In actuality, every film is viewed by a selection committee that determine which entries are the best for the Official Festival projections to the general public.

Out of 58 films registered in 2023, 24 were selected for the official selection.

On the following pages, you will find the list of these 24 films in competition this year.

Réalisateur :Jake HOLLAND


The Karakoram mountains are known for their huge scale and jaw dropping beauty.
Nestled within them is Gulmit Tower (5810m), a technical granite pinnacle that has never
been summited. Previous teams have often failed because the highly glaciated terrain
makes the approach by foot long and treacherous.
Fabi Buhl and Will Sim, both experienced alpinists, have a new idea. They plan to harness
the power of the sky and use paragliders to fly over the glaciated terrain, reaching the
base of the climb in hours, not days. Follow them on their epic journey as they attempt to
set a new direction for Himalayan climbing.

Nicolas ROUBIN
73 route de Grenoble


Valentin Delluc explores Cappadocia by speedriding, surrounded by hot-air balloons…

Olivier SAUTET:

Sail with us to the 79th parallel north.

Travel to Svalbard with the MANERA team and explore some of the northernmost spots on the planet. Surrounded by the Arctic wildlife, our riders journey from fjord to fjord, searching for wind, totally cut off from civilization.


The annual gathering of speedflying pilots in August 2022 at Les 2 Alpes

Distributeur: Mikhal BAK

An old man's life is turned upside down at a seaside sanatorium
by the arrival of a seagull that he slowly tames. The day the seagull is injured, the man takes care of it and, for a moment
his childlike soul.

Tom De Dorlodot:

Tom de Dorlodot flies his paramotor over the tulip fields of Holland and returns with breathtaking images.

Chase Ogden

World renowned skier and BASE jumper Matthias Giraud describes his disciplined approach to adventure sports and why he is not an "adrenaline junkie".

Sébastien CHAMBET:

Jump training, physical preparation, free-fall courses with the French team... Behind these team rehearsals, Sébastien, Jim and Vincent are looking forward to a whole new adventure. A human adventure that promises to be unforgettable...
They are about to set off in the middle of the Indian Ocean!
Their programme? To circumnavigate Réunion Island, making around thirty jumps in some of its most beautiful spots. Lagoons, mountains, cirques, volcanoes...
The mere mention of Réunion conjures up visions of an idyllic, wild paradise... And they won't be disappointed!
But while these human flight enthusiasts have every intention of exploring these Edenic sceneries, they are not forgetting the challenge they have set themselves: the three competitors are going to push back their limits and achieve several world firsts. Spectacular live experiences never seen before!


Emil Sergel:
Pilgrimsstigen 8
84594 HACKAS


During the summer of 2021, some of the best highliners in the world head for the iconic Lapporten Gap just outside Abisko in Northern Sweden. The plan is to put up a two-kilometer-long highline 600 metres above the deck and then walk across. If they succeed, it will be a new world record.

Rodolphe CASSAN
613 b avenue Otolan
83100 TOULON

Some use the sea as their playground. Others, the mountains. Others use the air as a flying man. Few do all three at once. Niccolo Porcella is basically a big wave surfer. Rodolphe Cassan is a reference in the world of base jumping. Theirs is a breathtaking encounter! The kind of images that make your knees tingle... In their sights, a unique wingsuit jump linking the three elements: water, earth and air.

Antoine Girard

Using paragliders in the Himalayas like cable cars in the Alps for fun, mountaineering or skiing - that's the crazy idea of a group of 7 friends who went to Pakistan together!
The plan is simple: paraglide to the high mountains. From there, all you have to do is enjoy. It's also a way of acclimatising to the altitude and trying to fly at an altitude of more than 8,000m on a paraglider and attempting to beat the world paragliding altitude record.


Arnaud loves the great outdoors.
When he suffers a serious paragliding accident in 2019, his life takes a radical turn.
There followed several years of struggle to regain his freedom and what he had missed most: the wind in his face.

Nicolas Bossard
Route des monts 22a
1824 Caux

Tel: 0041787236521

To jump from the top of Nameless Tower in Pakistan (6200m) after having climbed the Eternel Flame route, is to combine the ascent of one of the most beautiful climbing routes in the world with the opening of one of the most beautiful BASE Jump jumps imaginable.
Following in the footsteps of the pioneers of 1990, Éric Jamet and Antoine Pecher have achieved this feat. A beautiful, powerful and breathtaking adventure between friends!

Thomas De Dorlodot

Tom de Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens set off to explore the Baltoro glacier by paraglider. For more than 30 days they traced incredible lines in this incredible setting. They reached K2 in flight and returned with the exceptional story of a legendary flight, the Grand Slam...


"The girl who found happiness". Combining my two passions and following the path to finding myself through a stunt.
5 months of planning, countless obstacles, sleepless nights for the team and 12 kilos lost for me. It was worth it!

Stefan David Witts

A couple in life and a world class duo of wingsuit flyers, attempts to complete a routine of moves ment for an altitude of 3000m, on a mountainside of half the height. Large walls in all directions and a narrow window for completion, set this ultimate trust of partnership.


Pour Shawn Hayes, la pratique ancestrale de la fauconnerie est plus qu'un lien profond avec les rapaces. C'est l'œuvre de sa vie. En tant qu'ambassadeur de la fauconnerie américaine, il s'est taillé une place là où les personnes de couleur n'ont pas toujours été les bienvenues.

Ole Dalen
Vesterveien 8
8014 Bodo

Tel: 91614637

Paragliding pilot Theo De Blic goes to the island of Socotra in Yemen with 3 friends to try to fulfill a childhood dream.



A highly effective combo.
Thanks to his solar-powered bike, Frank is travelling through the Alps to do some Base Jumping.
He's travelling alone, but he's going to meet some great people along the way.
A joyous adventure, during which he will have assisted his friend Guillaume during the famous Bornes to fly.
 Humour and thrills guaranteed!
31 days, 17 jumps and 1700km

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
M18 Val d'Embrun
Avenue des Acacias
05200 EMBRUN

A paraglider has fun on the legendary roads of the Hautes-Alpes...


It's a rare thing to get inside the base-jumper community. This documentary immerses you in their intimacy. Far from the media show-off, we discover for the first time the diversity of practitioners and their disciplines. Base jumping is revealed in a new light.


The two friends Bastian and Shihab embark on a journey to the highest dunes of the arabian desert. With their paramotors they want to fly in the almost untouched landscapes of Saudi Arabia to document them in photos and film. On their way they discover that desert is much more than just sand. In bizarre and varied landscapes, the two travel like flying nomads through the vast country and meet helpful people. It is a desert adventure with unique images that gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the still rather young travel country Saudi Arabia. And at the same time "HORIZON" tells a story of friendship without borders and reminds us what is possible when we follow our dreams.

Chase Ogden


Super Frenchie provides an intimate look at the life of professional skier and BASE jumper Matthias Giraud, who stops at nothing to pursue his passion for adventure. The film follows Matthias as he dares ever more dangerous stunts while simultaneously falling in love and starting a family. The story takes a turn when Matthias suffers a catastrophic crash just days before the birth of his first child.

Roberto Colombo

After two long days of climbing deep in the western cape mountains of South Africa, Andrew Court, along with Teodor Iliev and Charlie Standing, top out of the 550m Slanghoek amphitheater. When it instantly dawns on him, that he has found the perfect location for his long lived dream of of building a mega freefall. In front of him lies an amphitheater hosting a perfect V-shaped chasm, which gets Andy's gears turning and sets in motion the planning of this project.
Private Freefall is the journey of discovery and creation of a dream amongst a rag tag team of friends assembled by Andy. After multiple recce's and two days of rigging, all that is left is to jump…