Aerial sports perform on the big screen! Travel log, portrait of an exceptional man or woman, adventure, preformance, animated film or scenario… Each has a story to tell and expresses a true passion for flying.

The Icares of Cinema received a lot of films but not all will be projected during the Festival !

In actuality, every film is viewed by a selection committee that determine which entries are the best for the Official Festival projections to the general public.

Out of 71 films registered in 2022, 23 were selected for the official selection.

On the following pages, you will find the list of these 23 films in competition this year.

Réalisateur :
Antoine Mesnage
2 rue des Foulques
74940 Annecy le Vieux


Arves en Ciel tells the story of Camille and Antoine's crazy dream of walking on a 480-metre highline between the mythical Aiguilles d'Arves.

Tel: +4917684828426

High above Monument Valley, two hot air balloons float, tethered together, with a person walking on this thin, connecting line.

In Malaga, Jonathan give us the keys to proximity, a sport in which technical and psychological preparation is essential.

In pursuit of a dream, and inspired by a butterfly, Benjamin attempts to fly across the United States, from Mexico to Canada

After experiencing a mid-air collision while flying, finding the ability to fly again without fear can be a challenge.

Immersion in the heart of the longest walking and flying race with a 100% amateur team.

Nico and Blutch fly to find a remote hut in the Nepalese jungle.

Valentin Delluc once again pushes the limits of speed-riding in the deserted resort of Avoriaz.

Producteur: Vincent Descols
3567 route du Nivolet
73230 Verel-Pragondran


Skydiving instructors and passionate about Wingsuit, the Skyvibration team has developed the Tandem Wingsuit!

951 route de Clafey
38190 Ste Agnes

Highline project with 5 amazing and tenacious women.

Asgari Lemjiri Ali
N°130- Velley N°3-khaneh Esfahan street - Esfahan

+98 (936) 587 0222

A 16 year old presents innovative ideas in model aircraft flying.

Kelly et Jefe Greenheart
4807 Cap Rock Dr Austin,TX 78735

(512)761 - 1281

Slacklining is a natural fit for women, requiring grace, stillness and a fine measure of control and relinquishment.

Antoine Girard
2153 Chemin de la Rollière

Using paragliding in the Himalayas to go mountaineering at Spantik (7027m), this is Antoine's crazy idea.


Jason Barrault

Formation flight of 2 wingsuiters and a ULM

Romain Assie-Rio

Two friends, former highline champions, decided to revive a rare discipline: the Baseline.

Glauco Tortoreto

Paragliding champion Nicola Donini's shyness seems to be his biggest obstacle to participate in the X-Alps, but it will be his strength.


Can you really get a change of scenery without going far away? Answer: a three-week cycling and paragliding trip, without ever venturing more than 60 km from home.

Martin Gonzalez
De las Magnolias S7-230 y Miguel Ángel,
La Primavera,

Juan Alfonso Reece
De las Magnolias S7-230 y Miguel Ángel,
La Primavera,

Thanks to the power of friendship, the mountaineer "Zuko", now paraplegic, climbs Vulcano Cayambe before flying away.

Candela Allen

To be world champion was the oldest Bicho's goal, since he was 11 years old.

Julie Collard

Portrait of one of the greatest French paragliders.

Olivier Laugero

Sophie and Olivier met a group of aerial artists and invited them to Martinique for a meeting between sky and sea.

Kevin Oliveri
Calle fuente, 11 2B
28231 Las Rozas de Madrid


Dani and Pete, professional skydivers, are looking for spectacular and challenging lines in Lauterbrunnen.

Martin Cray

A businessman from the UK attempts a solo Vol Biv paragliding adventure across the Nepali Himalayas.