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Réalisateur : Antoine Boisselier
119 ch. du Bruyant
St Bernard
38660 Plateau des Petites Roches

After crossing the Alps, Antoine Boisselier sets off to explore the Pyrenees mountains in a bivouac flight! His main means of locomotion is his paraglider, which allows him to fly over the magnificent Pyrenean landscapes! From the ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, it is a grueling journey in unknown territory ...

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Réalisatrice : Valérie Montoriol
25 rue Gustave Perreau 17000 La Rochelle

The film relates the progress of a paragliding course with people with disabilities. It goes beyond pure sport practice by emphasizing the emotions and the fraternity that is created in the group.

A group of adventure pilots set out to explore the south and west of the beautiful  island from above. In the process, they have to overcome challenges again and again and are finally forced to cross a closed cloud cover.

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Réalisateur : Jan Zurek
Dr. E. Benese 16 - 78701  Sumperk
Czech Republic


Eight girls from France, The Czech Republic and Canada decide to rig half a kilometer long highline between two iconic rock towers in the Moab desert in Utah. They spend five days on the towers and not only they connect these towers with a thin strap, which they then walk on, but they also find a connection with the sky, The Earth and each other.

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Réalisateurs : Dan Lior et Adam Rubin / USA

Six highliners sont en mission dans les montagnes norvégiennes pour tenter quelque chose qui n'a jamais été vu auparavant : marcher sur une ligne fine, installée entre deux falaises colossales, illuminées uniquement par les aurores boréales mystiques.

Réalisateur : Christophe Tong Viet
3 route des trois villages - St Hilaire
38660 Plateau des Petites Roches

Armelle Courtois and Martin Thomas, two high-level athletes, set out to conquer one of the last glacial lakes that recently appeared in the Alps. Armed with their kitesurfing, they want to show that it is now possible to ride at an altitude where crampons were needed only a few years ago. A pioneering adventure in extreme conditions through alpine lakes to highlight the retreat of glaciers.

Réalisateur : Richard Sidey

Wingsuit BASE jumping is often presented as a thrill seeking adrenaline rush. Spellbound takes us deeper into the more contemplative aspects of jumping, as David Walden and friends venture into the mountains around his home in New Zealand.
Beautiful scenery and hypnotic cinematography eject us from our daily lives into a world of air, earth and flight.

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Réalisateurs : Davina Beyloos et Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
412 route du Feug
74920 Combloux - France

Street artists and mountain dwellers come together for a crazy project on the summits of the Swiss Oberland. A talented mix for an incredible vertical odyssey.

Réalisateur : Mike Olbinski

A time-lapse journey of chasing supercells and tornadoes across the central United States