Cashless Lumbin

The payment solution in Lumbin, as in St Hilaire, will be via a "cashless" payment system.


The animations and the access to the site of Lumbin remain free

Cashless Lumbin

Activities and access to the Lumbin site remain free of charge..

You can credit your cashless card at a cashless cash desk on the Lumbin site (see n°15 on the Lumbin map).

The credit will be returned to you at the end of the event on request. If you don't request the remaining credit on your card, it will be donated to the Coupe icare association.

You will be asked to pay a deposit of €1 for this card, which will be refunded if you return the card when you leave the event. The cashless card is reusable from one year to the next, so if you keep it with you, you won't have to queue next year!

Your "Cashless" card is the only way to pay for your food and drink purchases at the Coupe Icare (and nearby partner restaurants), in Lumbin and St Hilaire. It is possible to pay in Lumbin AND St Hilaire with the card. However, the card does not entitle you to entry to the St Hilaire site (so you'll need a wristband).

Traditional" means of payment such as bank cards or cash are no longer used (except in the sports and leisure lounge).

Your Lumbin card will serve as your electronic wallet, allowing you to pay for your purchases with ease.

You can load your card before the festival by creating your cashless account (we strongly advise you to do so!), or directly at the cashless cash desks located at the entrances (load by cash or credit card).

To pay for your orders, simply tap your card's chip on the payment terminal. Each time you make a transaction, you'll be informed of your account balance.

Cashless is :

  • Faster and easier: less queuing at the bars, food and merchandising stands of the festival.
  • Safer: no more cash, your bracelet or card is your electronic wallet. Your money is safe all along the festival.
  • It's free! You don't pay anything to create your cashless account.
  • Simplifies life: you will be automatically refunded your balance after the event if you have created your account
  • note: your data is secured as on any online sales site and is for single use only.

Your "Cashless" card is an electronic wallet. It is not linked to your bank account. You will not be debited beyond the amount you have credited.