Become a volunteer

Experience the fabulous history of the Coupe Icare as a volunteer

Experience the fabulous history of the Coupe Icare as a volunteer

Associations, volunteers, welcome to the adventure and thank you in advance for giving your time to the Coupe Icare

The soul of the Coupe Icare is YOU and if the event has existed for 48 editions it is thanks to you, the volunteers and the partner associations.

For this 2022 edition of the Coupe Icare, we have decided to use the volunteer management tool "qoezion".
This will allow the organising committee to save time and above all to give you visibility, detailed information and to exchange with you...

To do this, nothing could be easier, create an account, then fill in the application form. We will come back to you soon...
If you have any difficulties in registering: please contact the qoezion support: by clicking on "contact us".

There are 2 ways to volunteer for the Coupe Icare:

- "Coupe Icare volunteer", you will have a tee shirt, a jacket and a cap, and a meal provided during your slot. It is considered that a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer work is required to be a volunteer.

- Or you represent an association, or are a member of one - your association, and the members of your association take on a mission (for example: the entrances, the cash desk, the reception of the buses) and the Coupe Icare pays you a fee. Thanks to this, your association has money to organise outings, reduce the cost of licences...

In short, all those who have experienced it have joined, so we count on you to live six days of madness for this exceptional event!

benevole attero