The COUPE ICARE.ORG association



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The Coupe Icare is organized by a not for profit association "COUPE ICARE.ORG " created in 1989.

Coupe Icare.Org is affiliated with the French Federation of Free Flight and approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Its headquarters are located in St Hilaire, at the Tourist Office.

The Coupe Icare.Org association is the project manager for the event. All major decisions and orientations concerning the event are made either at the annual general assembly, or at meetings of the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee.

The work is then carried out by the staff of the association (3 part-time employees) or entrusted to volunteers or partner associations.



The Coupe Icare.Org association receives assistance and support from many associations who, each in its own way, contribute to the tremendous success of this event by assuming the responsibility of a specific role.

Team of flight directors

The flight directors themselves comprise a team that deserves high praises for their excellence and devotion to task. It includes Eric GRANDJEAN and Marc LOUET, Jean Yves Lamour, Nicolas LE PAPE (assistants flight director) and other assistants responsible for specific air demos, and flight attachés responsible for an airstrip or landing area… In total there are over forty people dedicated to handling this overall job of organizing the flyability of the festival. Two thumbs up for their efficient work!



The office of the Coupe Icare ? A small office in a municipal building in the heart of St Hilaire, next to the Tourist Office.
A very small but warm place; a hive of activity where all the administrative and organizational aspects of the event are managed, where the Coupe is made !

It is here that you will find Daniel RAIBON-PERNOUD, the President and founder of the Coupe Icare

as well as the office team

Anne BUDILLON : administrative director and general coordinator of the event

Stéphanie CAILLON : coordinator of Icare du Cinema and Icare expo

Quentin DE LONGEVILLE : administrative manager and logistics coordinator

Come backstage and see where friends and volunteers come to give small and big helping hand, before and during the event.