Hello and welcome to the 49th edition of the Coupe Icare.

If you would like to register for certain activities scheduled as part of the aerial event, please fill out your registration form and select the activity that interests you.

Please note that the number of places is very limited, so your registration must be validated not only by the person in charge of the activity you have chosen but also by the flight director.

A confirmation email will be sent to you just before the beginning of the event.
See you among us sson.

The flight director

Inscription pilote pp delta 2022

Contat information

Notify Name + surname + mobil phone


Notify name of the insurance company and policy number


Please enclose a certificate of insurance specifying name of the company, number and the expiring date of the insurance cover.

For FFVL license holders, attach only the FFVL license certificate that you can download from the FFVL website.

IMPORTANT: the insurance certificate must specify that you are well covered when participating in an air event


Specify which activity you wish to participate in. It is possibe to participate in 1 or more activities.



Depending ont the conditions set during the daily briefing
Liste of mastered figures. Specify the specific that might be cancelled or modified due to weather conditions IMPORTANT : the paragliding aerobatic pilot will only present moves that he masters perfectly.


- I hereby acknowledge the inter-ministerial decree of 10 of November 2021 related to aerial shows and I agree before the flight, to take the knowledge of and comply with the safety instructions and other possible rules to thwart noise pollution as established by the prefectural decree authorizing this show

- I agree to comply with the flight envelope of the aircraft and the program described on this form as it has been authorized by the flight director

- I acknowledge the authority of the flight director and agree to follow his instructions.

- I certify on my honor to possess an insurance covering the aircraft and my participation as a show-pilot in such an aerial event and I enclose a certificate of insurance specifying name of the company, number and the expiring date of the insurance cover.

- By submitting this form, I agree that the information entered will be used to contact me.

In order to understand and exercise your rights, particularly with regard to retracting your consent for use of information collected from this form, please consult our "Privacy policy" page.