Registration Icare Test

Contact information

Notify name, surname and mobil phone


Brevet initial or IPPI 3 minimum requis.


- I hereby certify on my honor to be the holder of a civil liability insurance covering the practice of free flight / paragliding in France "...) and that I wish to participation in Icare Test as a leisure pilot. I enclose an insurance certificate showing the name of the Insurance Company, the policy number, and the period covered by the certificate;

- I have noted that a helmet adapted to the practice of paragliding as well as a rescue parachute in working order (folded for less than a year) are mandatory for all flights taken during Icare Test and that I undertake each flight under my own personal and entire responsibility.

- I commit to fly within the normal flight configurations specified for the equipment flown.
Please enclose a certificate of insurance specifying name of the company, number and the expiring date of the insurance cover.