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Jean Marc Mouligné prize


With the assistance of the associated specialized press, the Cercle de l'Homme Volant (Assocation Circle of the Flying Man), created in memory of the daring inventor of the human catapult for parachutists, the Jean Marc Mouligné Prize which will be discerned for the 6th consecutive year.

This prize of 1000€  awards the most poetic and innovative flying machine, one that combines at least these two characteristics. Note that the jury is equally as sensitive to the creations as to the human adventure behind them. For example, the lonely marginalized soul who scraped all his savings to carry on his passion would be the perfect type candidate. The free flying press and Cercle de l'Homme Volant are constantly seeking to discover the rare pearl among the exhibitors at the Coupe Icare.

More informations :  www.hommevolant.fr



2015 : The Prix Jean-Marc Mouligné 2015 will allow you to slide and fly through the air, on the ski slopes or in free-ride !
Not only will you look amazing on the slopes but you will feel like you are skiing in deep powder all the time.
You wear this wing like a jacket. It inflates with the wind and you can take it off in no time.  It offers you extended jumps in amazing style!
Designed by Marc Dejey with the help of Florient Arot, manufactured and distributed by Rip’Air, the Wing Jump comes in three models : the Activ, the Activ’air and the Activ Carve with prices ranging from 115 to 650 €

For more information about the Wing Jump : www.ripair.com
Or about the Prix Jean-Marc Mouligné : www.hommevolant.fr



2014 : The Pioupiou is the first sensor that makes measuring wind speed available to everyone. 100% autonomous, it can be installed anywhere.  Even places without electricity or internet. The readings are transmitted via Sigfox – a national radio network.  Then they can be consulted through any computer or telephone.  You can install a Pioupiou in your favorite places and watch the wind from your house, your office or your hammock ….
The readings from all Pioupiou stations are available to everyone, thus creating the most open network of wind readings on the internet – a ‘wikipedia’ of the weather …
After developing the excellent website ‘Météo parapente’ for the world of free flying, Nicolas Baldeck, a 24 years old inventor from Grenoble, was the obvious choice for the Jean-Marc Mouligné Prize in 2014.


2013 : 2013 : The automatic safety parachute deployment device (Extracteur Automatique de Parachutes de Secours - EAPS) won the JMM Prize in 2013.
In case of an incident when flying and depending on the settings pre-set before the flight, an alarm warns you that your safety parachute is going to eject in 'x' seconds. You can override the device by pressing a finger switch in your hand. If the incident persists, the system re-sets itself.
Useful in the following cases :
- because of an acceleration during an incident, you are unable to reach the handle yourself (loss of conscience, panic...)
- you are too low...automatic deployment takes effect from 30metres/ground instead of 50metres/ground required for manual deployment.
It is proven that a large number of serious accidents, some fatal, are due to these circumstances.
As soon as the safety device is deployed, a distress message is sent to the mobile phones of 5 people of your choice, along with your location on Google Earth.
Well done to the inventors, Norbert Barboux and Hubert Chrétien, whom after years of research have succeeded in producing a prototype that weighs 500 grams in total.


2012 : In 2012, the prize went to the Bip Bip, conceived and manufactured in France with the pure notion of open source. This tiny (5.5 x 3.5 x 1.5cm), light (25 g), variometer running on solar energy (with c. 100 hours of autonomy) is a hyper reactive and handy tool. It can be heard with even the slight gain or loss of 10 cm. Simple, elegant, inexpensive and highly functional… used as a high performance variometer for a cross country flight in addition to the classic GPS variometer, or as the main variometer for a dynamic flight, the Bip Bip has a growing number of fans. A salute to Timothée Manaud, engineer, developer and commercial agent of the Bip Bip.


2011: For the first time in its short existence (5th year), the Jean-Marc Mouligné Prize was split in two as it seemed impossible to award one over the other, and original to award the prize to both! Rather than a division, it's seen as an addition.
Two, among the best known paraglider constructors, presented a prototype at the Coupe Icare of an incredible wing that defied everything available on the market at the time. Following the example of the «concept car», these prototypes are not intended for commercialization as they stand:
- Ozone taunts the limits of lightness with its «XXLite» without a lower surface.
- Solperfects security with «Sol One». Equipped with a single suspension line, it is exceptionally stable and resistant to frontal collapse.
1st remark: these designers went against the grain by eliminating pieces while others added.
2nd remark: one can eliminate a number of bits of a paraglidr and it will still fly!
Don't stop us from dreaming: by uniting all these innovations, can the Prize give birth to a hybrid sail with one suspension line and no lower surface? Well, now we're talking substraction!


2010: It is rare when all the parameters for the prize are united in one invention like the Elliptoplume. This flying machine designed by Pierre Chabert, is the smallest inhabited dirigible in the world. A transparent polyurethane bubble inflated with helium, it is piloted silently, gracefully through the air thanks to two electric propellers. Initially intended to be the simplest, most economical aircraft of its category, its excellent manoeuvrability and speed have in fact opened up surprising possibilities: scientific research from the canopy, aerial photography or cinematography, events, publicity… To think this graceful aircraft, awarded the Jean-Marc Mouligné prize at the 2010 Coupe Icare by the Cercle de l’Homme Volant and the associated free flying specialized press, has hardly begun to fill its dance card! For more information: www.airstar-light.com


2009: paragliding schools dreamt of it, but Matthieu Charles did it ! Thanks to his invention, you can fly whether you are a beginner or aiming for perfection on non-flyable days. The paraglider flight simulator works essentially with a virtual reality helmet. The mechanical and electronic parts allow one to use piloting harness and brakes just like the real thing. To boot, the speed of the ventilator varies to create a relative wind according to the type of flight. Fun and functional, this excellent idea that was still being developped by its young inventor, had all the ingredients the jury was scouting for to award the 2009 prize. For more information: charles.mathieu@free.fr


2008 : Gérard Lesieux, director of AEF is the type of inventor who appeals: passionate, rigorous, prolific...
It's to him we owe the « Monotrace »,  the comfortable, light and ULM trike with a highly innovative design,  the « Air Lift » the world's smallest ULM, and his latest invention the «Cameleon » a digital replacement that liberates the paramotorist's or ULM pilot's hands, all in replacing the common but cumbersome palm accelerator. He was awarded the 2008 Jean-Marc Mouligné for all these novelties. For more information: www.aef-gliders.com



2007 :the Razeebuss band with its electric paramotor swept up the 2007 prize: electric propulsion was in the air; it's application for free flight was a true feat : silent, it combined lightness and power enough to allow one to catch that thermal or escape a bad turn. The "Air lab", re-baptized « Razmott »  was certainly the first attempt to respond to such ambitious specifications with success. For more information: www.razeebuss.com


The 44nd Coupe Icare will take place from 21th to 24th September 2017.

Giant screens

In St Hilaire (South Launch and Cafeteria) and Lumbin (landing area), with live broadcast of the costume parade and air shows.


- Hommage to Pierre Bouilloux with the film « Le Triangle » (saturday at 4:30pm - chapiteau Festival)
- Hommage to Tancrède Melet with the film « Retour aux Fjords » (saturday at 4:00pm - chapiteau Festival)

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