ICARNAVAL : masquerade contest


The Coupe Icare Masquerade Contest is open to all hang glider and paraglider pilots.
Costumed flights are scheduled Saturday at 11:00 (or Sunday in case of poor weather).
The prize giving and repeat-round of masquerade flights will take place Sunday at 11:00.


All registrations are online on the site www.coupe-icare.org.

There is no cost to register which will be validated once all mandatory fields are completed and after providing an electronic copy (*.jpg, *.pdf,…) of a certificate showing civil responsibility insurance covering free flying activities. For pilots insured with the FFVL, this document can be downloaded via the website https://intranet.ffvl.fr/.  
Don't forget to come for collect your registration pack at the Entrance to the Salon Icare Expo in from Wednesday September 17th until Friday evening.  Your flight number to be worn during the demonstration will be distributed during the pilot briefing on Saturday morning.
Prior to September 17th, if you need help registering you can contact the Tourist Office in person, via phone or e-mail.

Inscriptions will close on Friday, September 19th in the evening.

All participating pilots are obliged to attend the pilot briefings Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 on the launch "carpet".



Download the regulations and go to the page  "Inscription on line"

Document Wordicarnaval reglement GB 2014.doc


Pilot friends, come and compete to be the most beautiful bird. Come fly and try to win the first prize sponsored by the Isere General Council or one of the other sponsored prizes. The bird costumes will be commentated on by an expert who knows all about the famous birds in the area.

First Prize, sponsored by the Isere General Council : Win a weekend away for 5 people in a gite in the heart of the Ecouges, North of the Vercors region ; discover this beautiful conservation area in winter, rich in flora, fauna and stunning countryside.

Other sponsorsed prizes :
EVASION AU NATUREL : Win a weekend away for 5 people in a wooden eco-chalet in Saint-Bernard-du-Touvet (www.evasionaunaturel.com)
PERRAUD VOYAGE : Win a VIP box-seat invitation for 2 people to attend an ice hockey match (Bruleurs de Loup) in Grenoble.
PERRAUD VOYAGE : Win a VIP box-seat invitation for 2 people to attend a Grenoble FC Rugby match in Grenoble.



Un wingsuit préhistorique à Icarnaval

Francis Heilmann's new wingsuit is an unusual object of art: a prehistoric wingsuit in animal skins, carved with flint blades, built with stone tools, awls and spikes in bone, just like how early modern man would have made it.

Francis Heilmann has tested his pre-historic wingsuit in Tallard in early July, from the Caravan of Paradrenalin: although without any expectations or pressure, it flew really well; it had speed and glided well, it was easy to direct, was very stable and had no problem opening, which is a welcome surprise for its potential use in BASE-jumping.



30 000 euros worth of prizes for Icarnaval costumed hang glider and paraglider participants:

* 10 alti-vario gps  Sys’gps from Syride worth 349€ each
* 15 cameras onboard HD Ghost from Drift Innovation worth 300€ each
* 5 Kinder seat harnesses from Sup’Air worth 295€ each
* 10 NEO Strings seat harnesses worth 290€ each
* 10 pairs of Salomon shoes worth 125€ each
* 40 micro-vario Sys’one from Syride worth 69€ each
* 10 games of Parapente Poursuite from Edenslide worth 55€ each
* 60 Coupe icare glasses for high altitude worth 49€ each
* 10 topographic guides of free flight sites by Sylvain Grandferry worth 29€ each
* 50 Skywatch Xplorer 1 anemometers  in Coupe Icare colours, worth 20€ each
Also a Porcher Sport windsock, a Coupe Icare T-shirt and bag for every participant.

Note : the prizes will be distributed during the prize giving ceremony on Sunday and can not be sentby mail to the winners thereafter.


The next Coupe Icare will take place in St Hilaire du Touvet - Lumbin from 17 to 20 September 2015.

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